Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thank you sayang

Thank you sayang for reminding me to read Quran,pray and etc. Kadang kadang kita leka dengan semua tu, terlalu sibuk dengan duniawi. Ish! I love you less than my mom. hehe. Thank you for being my partner. In relationships, you always get the positive ways of us. Sayang syuhada. Mmuuahh mmmuahh love you.
Banyak betul tanaman kat muka dia.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fuhh berhabuk

Lama tak buka blog. Busy dengan life as the student of university. Heh. So now im busy with everything since final is about 2 months i guess or maybe 1 month something thing thing....

So that's all. I hope everyone who read this, sihat walafiat :D

Monday, September 24, 2012

Be grateful.

Nowadays, people don't know how to be grateful with the whats or somethings they had with them. You know some of these terrible people who easily forget. Okay lemme conclude this with two parts which are for part of things and part of friend.

Part of things.
Okay first, not many of them can have something you had such as your high affordable tools of communication or transportation. Please don't be like a jerk who always show your things with a person who can't afford to had it like you. Hey this is the gift from Allah. Your rezeki. You shouldn't act liddat leyyy. So please this is the test from Allah to you. Use your rezeki wisely not the way of arrogantly. Okay?

Part of friend.
Well in our life we need friends. Doesn't count the background of who-is-who. Hey do you really understands what is the meaning of friend for REAL? If do , thanks. But if not but know-do, you better see ya friend and tell em "Alhamdulillah,Thanks for being my friend." Okay normally we heard 'friend stab from behind'. In a logically way, you should make them realize or change them to become 'stab in front of you' . I know some of them can't stand with these. But its better than stabbing from behind right? So people like them will make us strong and try to make a move or change yourself into a better ones. PATIENCE is the key. Remember okay? Appreciate while they still contact with you. You can make your friend as your enemy in just a second if you still with your damn attitudes.

So thats all for tonight. Be grateful. Assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Someone special :P

Now I had my someone special for me who live in Melaka. Her name is Nur Syuhada. She was so adorable and cute too. She is taking TESL at Segi Damansara under kementerian. Hahahaha maybe dia bakal menantu mak. Who knows? hahahaha xP Thanks to nurliyana bani for introducing her to me. Now she's become someone special for me. Something I can describe about her.. Urmmm dia ni okay and tersangatlah caring sampai nak berak pun amek tahu hahahahahhaa! JK only :P So thats all byeeee. :) tbc.... Ini gambar dia :)

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hye first of all I wanna say sorry to my readers :) Long time I didn't update about. So this month. Ramadhan. Happy fasting you guys. :) That's all I will update another but later :)