Friday, November 11, 2011


All we need is not a money or ability. It is Friends. Beep~*

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The moments I got here !

The moments I got here are chillin' out with my friends and junior that are anggun,diba,alia and jr syamim.Begin after zohor and end at 6 o'clock in the evening. We went to mall and enjoy watch movie, its Johnny English ! Seriously its funny awesome action comedy movie for being agent like James Bond haha 5 stars ! After that we went to the McDonalds and enjoy our meal there. OMG ! GCB dah habis. Tak dapat nak rasa. Oh then I meet Wawa or actually known as Syazwani Shahdan haha. Thanks peep because you're willing to meet me. I'm sorry can't enjoy watch movie with you haha don't feel jealous hahaha.

Then on 10.00 p.m, I spend my time DOTA-ing with Adib,Man,Acap,and others till 1.00 a.m hahaha OMG. We are so addicted to that game and being cursed by DOTA which mean Dunia Orang Tanpa Awek/ The Life Without Girlfriend hahahaha. Then we went to Burger Arab ngehehe. We're so hungry at that hour. While waiting for the food, we were watching the horror movie which looks like eeeyuckkkss hell that story, like SAW and Final Destination. Those Hantu-hantu bite the human who have to survive in cave. eyuucckks so damn if you watch that movie. Its made our don't have any appetite and cant enjoy the food well. They we had the conservation about life in campus. At 2.30 a.m i guess we went home. Thanks to Man,our driver and our pro dota team mate haha. Thank you guys for having so much fun. I miss you guys after long we don't meet. To Man goodluck. Japan is waiting for ya. Proud of ya. :)

OMG ! I forgot to introduce my partner in KMM.


Her name is Miya Ramziah.
She has a Japenese looking huh. haha
Take the same course with me.
Thanks for being my partner ;)
ok thats all for today. I'm going to KMM nguehehehe damn I hate this ! :(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Phineas and Ferb the movie !

I want this DVD ! But I didn't found it.. gosh ! damn i love perry the platypus ! pffft I hope I can own this DVD ! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Home again :)

hahaha Im home.. so BP here I meet you again.. okay I wanna share some story at KMM with you guys.. you know what I have find my peep who name starting with M .. she is so kind and funny and has a japanese looking..maybe~ hahaha since now, we're become closer... Im so happy to know her and she's the girl that I can only communicate a lot compared to the other girls in KMM. haha so silly I am.. okay thats all,actually there's many thing i wanna describe about her but I feel so sleepy at this hour pffft.. continue next time :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I hate this part of my life :(

To syak,niena,yanna,fatin,emy,noni,bob and doesn't need cuz he come with me hahaha :P goodbye and sorry for everything about my management and my mistakes.. sorry for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING okay... urm I hate this part of my life to say goodbye to you guys.. Thanks cuz having raya and Iftar together.. even it has some bad and messy circumstance but we have enjoy with a lots of fun.. Damn I miss you guys.. I hate you guys cuz make me feel like this.. :') Hope that you feel the same.. nahh~~ owh ya Niena mana gamba kami :D

Goodluck for ya exam and others... omg! assignment tak sentuh pun.. Home is the place where i have to enjoy :) seriously I don't have mood for doing that thing =='.. Tak Nak Balik~!!!! Rindu segalanya di BP :( okaylah enough for this night..gonna sleep and then packing ma bag :( I don't wanna go home!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don't wanna go back to KMM :(

I don't wanna go back to KMM :( I miss my home.. I miss the moment I had here... I hate this part of my life.. OMG! didn't touch any assignment.. =='

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin .. May Allah blees this Aidilfitri and covered with your smile peace ! :D I'm sorry for everything .. Enjoy and be careful along your journey :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Simplicity is believed to be the ability for one to express what is on his/ her mind in a plain and orderly manner. Most of us have the ability to explain ourselves in a clear and concise manner, but yet still, we still find ourselves have little problems in clearing our head in other to get a clear thought to be expressed in a way that it would be understood.
Besides,simplicity means centering in on that which is important and letting go of the rest. It can mean living with few possessions and entanglements, but more broadly it is an attitude, an approach to life.

Simplicity allows us to consume less. It differentiates needs from wants and places a priority on the needs of others over our own wants. It also allows us to accomplish more of what really matters. When we approach a task or conversation with an attitude of simplicity we strive to keep ourselves focused on the essential core rather than getting lost in a clutter of distractions and embellishments. We listen for the same in the words of other people. Simplicity helps us to maintain clarity of mind and purpose.
Back to the creativity, if we combine the creativity and simplicity it will become more awesome in making our explanation and planning something. :)
"Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves, dispel the clouds which hang over our brows, and take up a little life into our pores.”

Nowadays,peoples like prefer wealth rather than simplicity life.They like to show off and being arrogant and greedy. Why we must be like that? Better if we use our wealth to find a reward. Wealth can't bring us to Hereafter.

So many philosophical used to be simple in their life. Like A.Samad Said,we see him as the great philosophical in this country. BUT his life only surrounded with simple property. :)

So thats all for today. Kbye!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr Simple :)

see them.. simple only can make them famous.. the rhythm of this song is soo damn cool :)

Home sweet home :)

Yeah at last!
Home sweet home.. miss ma home,family,friends and hometown :)
So I'm gonna plan something for this 2 weeks holiday.. yeah! I wanna enjoy my holiday fully enough. There's a lot of changes at BP. Domino's Pizza ! Maybe I will get my Iftar there with my familia :) gosh can't wait.. guys~ I'm here already get my holiday for 2 weeks.. you guys don't feel jealous okay? hahaha Owh I feel so tired and so excited. BTW be KMM hello BP. Thats all :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quite and Talkative

You campus life is the place where we have to find friends in all over the world. It can improve our social skills for example sharing, cooperating and else. Quite and talkative. 2 characters I had choose. Okay first we start to the quite person.
The person who didn't much talk and you think,how they can make friend?
This person has no problem because quite is a good attitude. They always like peace and harmony. BUT people think they are arrogant when they meet at one place. Don't think like that way. It is because they feel very shy to communicate with you guys. Only some of them know well to this quite person. You know what? This person actually has a strong hold in relationships and bonds between friend,family and the love ones :) Seriously it is the fact that I know :)
so we're going to the talkative character
The person who likes to talk too much..they easy to make friends with everyone doesn't count skin,religious and property.Usually they are hyperactive and cherish haha :) They also good in social skills. BUT they easy to lose their friends too. It is because they feel that they are very famous because they have a lot of friends. They forgot that we all are the same. Nahh~ don't care if we loss you because of your attitude :) But not all this people be like that. So make sure..control your attitude and don't sooooo arrogant with people surrounds you :)
Thats all.. bye ! :)


Petty-minded.. is that you? If YOU,please change :)
Nowadays,some of the people are petty-minded. Nahh,it's really shame and looks like stupido. You know what they think that they are always right,hell man~. They don't think about what's happen after you're doing something. When they make mistakes after that,they blamed who near to them. Come on pal, your action just make some excuses to pretend yourself. I hate when you say "be matured", you think you're more matured than me huh?! You're wrong pal~ Be MATURED is not the main attitude to become success. It's CREATIVITY that can rules the main attitude. Okay why am i saying that word? Because,being creativity can lead us on how to sketch the way or the road of life. It will also can make us think forward. So you can know what's good or bad that will happen to you or us. Okay I'm not the perfect person you think. No I'm not :) I'm just the normal person who was born in normal condition. Okay,as i said before creativity lead us to become success, I think you're better change your 'MATURITY' become creativity. It is not wrong if you wanna become matured,it okay but depend on the circumstances. Not every situation we must become matured,that will see you as DUMP or PETTY-MINDED. Okay,first of all I'm very sorry for those 2 words. Be creativity to create you own future by using your imagination first. After that, you sketch and plan what you're gonna doing after this. So that will lead you become successful person :) "Nothing is perfect" but i prefer "Perfect is nothing". Why? because imperfect person also can succeed. For example,people with disabilities in nowadays,can achieves excellent in any results. So bear in mind . That's all for today :) bye!

creativity can also use for building :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Latest..Just update only

Hye there ! I hope you guys are in the pink :)
okay I'm here fine..just having a flu.. gosh~ i hate this :S oh yeah I'm getting more EXCITED because this Friday i will come back home ! wow~ I miss my moments,friends,malls,foods,cinemas and the most... family in BP :O MOM and DAD ! I will come home... and having "buka puasa" and "sahur" together... and also my friends.. Where do we suppose to "buka puasa" together? isn't McDonalds or Domino's Pizza... gosh doesn't matter where it is..I can't wait...
Oh! bout ma latest life in KMM.. well, LIFE... it's normal being student doing our assignments and reports here and there,that and this... gosh~ stress here ! BUT it just for a while only after you finiSHIT the assignments and reports :P take it easy~ wanna catch own dream must take any risk and challenges in daily life.. stand by own feet yeah! ok enough.. it's not motivating time :P
well during weekends it's gonna be the most bored day..seriously bored day in KMM..nothing to do just sleep all day time and doing the same thing damn boring you know~~ ! nahh~ Friends here, I think I rarely meet them.. I just do ma own matter only because I feel and always said "Hey, why I'm here with them?" nahh i don't whatever they want.. well I don't like to nose other people.. it is shame so badly :S well me and pet just playing games and watching How I Met Your Mother.. seriously it's very funny and insane... that's the most funniest comedy drama series I ever watched.. it's spontaneous hahaha :D you must watch it !
Owh yeah~ long time I didn't spend my time in Korean's stuff hahaha.. here got nothing ! so wait till I come back home :)
okay that's enough for this time.. and thanks to whom comments and liked this blog.. I love you guys <3 :D sayonara ! ~

Monday, August 8, 2011

2 weeks only!

Yeah !

It's only 2 weeks to spend ma holidays for 2 weeks haha.. i'm so excited pal~ :) O.M.G okay Fauzi be patient just take an easy.. phewww*

I would like to share ma latest life in KMM.. gosh! I become more comfortable here with green nature and cherish atmosphere :).. here i got many friends boys and girls equally.. Last week having ma UPS.. guess what i'm very careless answering my PHYSICS paper ! ggrrrr i feels so regret and pffftt* my heart feels like to blow out ... :( nahhh~ it's okay just UPS only.. next time i will do my best and overcome my careless thats it ! :D

It's Ramadhan ! All Muslim in this universe having their fasting,teach us how to overcome the gusto and appetite. Besides, it can teach us on how to be more patient in daily life :) So here i would like to wish to all Muslim, Happy Fasting and Happy Iftar. :)

owh yeah~ in KMM I iftar with my friends,buying the same food everyday and everyday eat chick~~~eeeennnnnN~~~ boring~~ i wanna go home and to enjoy a meal cooked by my mother :( Gosh ! I can't wait to iftar with ma family and my 2nd familia... yeah Pet and I already planned in having "buka puasa" and "raya" together... :) guys we here already miss you damn so much.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ramadhan is coming :) Alhamdulillah~ we meet again.. syukur kehadrat Ilahi... dipagi buta yang indah lagi tenang dan sepi.. burung-burung pong ketiduran.. aku bersama roomate ku belajar sampai pukol 5 a.m... hahaha "ah syial lah~*" roomateku berkata hahaha... yeah tak sabar rasanya untuk menyambut bulan puasa yang sungguh mulia hee... dugaan melimpah ruah.. menguji kesabaran dan nafsu yang menguasai lagi membuak-buak bercampur pula dengan pengaruh yang tidak kita sangka.. hahaha eceh... urm bulan puasa ni semua setan da kene gari so masih ada lagi syaitan iaitu manusia yang mempunyai PHD = perasaan hasrat dengki...tapi bukan PHD yang betul2 uh k hahahaha.. tak semua ye..hahaha wah seronoknya dapat berbuka puasa bersama family..tapi aku disini tidak dapat merasai nikmat berbuka bersama family pada hari pertama puasa untuk kali pertama dalam hidupku ini... hahaha tak sabar rasanya untuk bercuti panjang bermula 19 Ogos hingga 5 September hahaha fuhhhh bestnye...

ah tu jelah tok luahan pagi2 buta ni... belajar untuk UPS.. wish me luck... and pray for me... Shukuran :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanks for everything ma bestie

Saturday it was an awesome day you know... okay it was begin at 2 p.m where Emy picked me up and then send Liya to Pizza Hut.. I don't know what she do.. and then Emy and I straight away quickly fetch Syak... Gosh it was so messy... feeling sorry to Yanna cuz waiting for us at bpmall alone... hahaha

and then they accompanied me to buy goods for my daily uses in KMM :/ we're spending with joy and fun.. and then we meet Fatin and her gang.. guess what.. one of her gang is my cousin.. OMG ! I didn't noticed her until today.. oh forgot ! her name is Saadah... hye nice to know ya my cousin :)

after that, we went back home at 6.30 p.m and eat Otak-otak at Tasik Y before that time... I miss that place :)

p/s: I'm forgot to take some picture with you guys nehhh

at 8.00 p.m I havin' some dinner with my family.. dinner at Peserai.. then at 9.30p.m waiting niena to fetch me... and go for the movie .. it's Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2 haha it was so awesome and uber coolio.. you guys must watch it,Fatin I'm so angry with you cuz you're not joined us... but it's okay, you've the reason :)

Oh my~~ I feels so tired,dizzy and sleepy on that time.. :/

after finished with that movie.. we were going to Fatin's house in the middle of night... wow! it was my first time go to the girl's house at midnight.. Gosh we have conversation..and gossiping..not me but they :P hahaha joined them cuz dont know what to do :)

Lastly we went back home.. everyone feels so tired and happy hearts...
Gosh I will be missing you guys :) saranghae <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

At last!

At last... Harry Potter The Deadly Hallows Part 2.. wohoo.. gonna watch this movie and feel it.. ecehhhh hahaha... man~ who wanna comes with me ? :) 22nd July I will come back to Batu Pahat .. gosh I miss all my family and friends hahaha Jom! watch this movie and the Transformers 3 hahaha... marathon movie in one day... :)

Can't wait !!!!!!! ok so excited :P hyperactive is my passion hahaha (blueeek * )

Monday, July 4, 2011

Its about life in KMM

nahh today i got caught by lecturer name that start with I..i dunno him and bring me to HEP..sebab aku tgh tgk wallet aku.. cis.. pastu yang lain kene tangkap pasal rambut pergh! aku pong terlibat sekali .. balik je bilik aku amik gunting..gunting sendiri rambut aku hahaa... baik... siot punya HEP cakap ngn pelajar baik2 ar sikit...kurang sopan kau tau.. patut ar budak2 semua benci kau... you should respect each other doesn't count of that they will respect you... nahh puck up...

i got a miserable life here... dunno why...maybe i'm a sinner.. :/ ( maybe~~) nahh dont care about that... omg i fell stress here... and wanna shout !!!! okay now its time to be more serious and act like nothing here... yeah HEP suck.. xpasal2 aku kene datang kat office die.. sebelum 7.40 a.m pergh! pastu tandatangan... macam orang bodohlah aku rasa... kene buat bende uh dalam masa 3 minggu... haish tak paham ar kau.. k la sampai di sini.. bye =='

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Test from HIM :)

hahaha dalam hidup ni kita kene tempuh semua dugaan yang ada kan? betul ak? so aku nak share lah pasal hari ini,Sabtu 25th JUNE 2011... yeah man ada perkara yang baik dan ada perkara yang buruk ada pada hari ini... hahaha not everything and every time always go with a good things... so today, i just celebrated his 18teen birthday... assist with deebanoh yeah the one of my family member.. oh my~ she's so smart about planning something to prank someone hahaha... yeah deeba you own that... :) hahaha thanks to you... and the others member,auni,anggun,vee,senior fatin,alia,hafiz, and amri.. haha thanks sebab memeriahkan lagi keadaan.. yeah birthday boy,petra... having and sharing all time together,enjoy and laugh at taman soga mount.. haha yeah although your birthday 30th june but we're celebrate it early cause on that date.. we all are not at Batu Pahat... going for study,then semua pong balik.. hahaha then pergi bpmall with deeba... buy baju kurung for my sister,Eka.. thanks dee because helping me in choosing the pattern and size of baju kurung hahaha...after that, yes akhirnya dapat juga tgk KL Gangster ngn pet,deeba and senior fatin hahaha wow best gile ... rugi tak tgk.. haha eh syial lah..pui* hahaha zizan's words :P yeah we do enjoy that movie :)


After that,we're going to the old bus stand and i hit the chinese's car when i want to send deeba back home,macam mane,time uh aku nakbelok..dah la kete mazda aku uh lebar,aku ngade g lalu jalan sempit last2 susah nak keluar,lepas uh aku tak amek side nak belok.. then xlepas,pastu aku masuk gear reverse,xjalan aku tkn ar minyak sikit..then baaammmm!!! langgar kete myvi kat belakang yeah!.. hahaha luckily mine are not terrible.. but the purple paint for my car aawww it is so expensive to repaint again... gosh but his car uuuhhh mak guard depan die kemik...myvi kereta malaysia besi mudah kemik.. bak kata senior fatin hahaha... pergh! gua rasa cuak gila... and call parents gua... then parents gua datang settlekan masalah ni.. dah dapat satu nasihat daripada parents aku.. " kereta ni kalau tekan minyak sikit melambung lah..pastu ngade g lalu jalan sempit kenape,cari pasal... " yeah after this, i will bare in my mind and i don't want to do that again..never ever... :( please reminds me okay!... and with a sad feelings.. i asked for apologize from my dad... and luckily, he's not mad at me... he just give some advise about the car.. and i will bare in mind... hahaha thanks mom and dad... inilah pengalaman kali pertama aku accident kete... yeah esok da balik KMM bosan syial hahaha... k la nak tido bye2 :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

OMG ! Fariz Petra ~

Hello~ Pet

OMG ! hahaha he got his blogspot.. wah! since when he's interesting with blog..? dunno.. maybe it's the new trend nowadays so come on ! do follow him ... and me too !
owh ya ! thanks to the new-comers in my blog.. thanks for following my blog.. peace yo! :)
p/s: no idea to update about my daily life.. today totally boring.. ooh yeah :I

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hancur Dunia Kpop ku

OMG ! siot ar memory card phone aku rosak cis! ni disebabkan bluetooth byk sangat kat phone sampai hang hahaha... cis! taubat ar xnak bluetooth file byk2... ish! nyesal~~grrr aku rasa macam nak nangis je.. come on lah... lagu kpop aku yg sedap2 ilg begitu je pergh! gamba ngn bebudak pong da musnah...terpaksalah beli memory card baru..hish
oh no no no no no.. all my favorite song especially Kpop ggrrr is gone~~ i feel very very so down like a g6... haaaaaa~~ the most important is my picture with my friends.. and me hahaa damn so stress ... even my J Bieber songs too.. oh my~~ this is so sad... nahhh kene belilah nmpknye ish! hope the price is cheap for 2GB.. i don't think so but i can get it by tomorrow InshaAllah... from Fiqri.. i hope he will find it.. i need it now.. terdesak sudah hahaha... ok2 (T.T) owh my IU-someday... ggrrr its remind me.. and i need that song to release my bored and tension...nahh the past is past... :( okay sedih and bengang sebab sunyi je phone aku... kbye!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

As the leader.. :)

hahaha why must i become a leader.. maybe Puan Safiah,my dynamics lecturer, saw that in my class I'm the one who make noise.. i mean in cherish situation... hahaha yeah today, i feel very shy because i had to introduce myself at her.. My name is blalalalalala and bblah... eeeyuccksss I feel so shy like a g6 hahaha... maybe she do this to me because i got penalty for my hair hahahaha okay I'm the craziest leader you will know hahaha

okay so korang berlakon lah ae.. because I'm very lazy to write.. you guys need not to present using 'mahjong' paper..nahh hahaha... okay muktamad okay.. da da da da...owh the most important is to make them proud of us hee... hahaha we must own that class... hahaha...

Nowadays :)

yeah man~ sudah lama aku dah tak update blog ni... i can't believe that i will open up my blog in this time.. oh its 2.00a.m already! esok ada kuliah pergh! mata sepet lah nampaknya.. but i will cover up with teasing the person who sit next to me... huahahha very naughty teasing someone huh? i think it is not because that's the way can make them stay awake even for me too.. hahaha yeah that's the good idea.. so try lah.. i think better you avoid that haha... or else they will knock your head back.. hahaha... nahh nonsense.. it's 2.00a.m i can't sleep yet.. wow my hyper still have on this time ~~ nahh i want to sleep please~ :P owh my ! macam budak kecik hahhaa.. owh sekarang hidup aku dah macam budak nerd..hello its NERD hahaha ulat buku babe.. everyday date with book... not a facebook okay.. no time with that..but a little time maybe hahaha :P ... yeah i think in here i doesn't feel comfortable with the new-comers people in life here.. because i don't know them very much.. maybe it takes a long time to know them.. hahaha doesn't care what are they say about me.. that i'm very arrogant and unfriendly hahaha man~ thats not true pal.. you're wrong... I'm still very shy with you guys.. but to the girls I feel superb very shy with all of you... because I don't you much yet or maybe because i rarely talk to you.. okay i admit that i can't communicate with someone who's in categories new-comers in my life.. yeah you saw me laugh sometimes.. i'm not share my laugh to you instead I laugh at myself hahaha... pelik kan? hahaha that's who I am :) ... okay I'll try to repair myself here and make comfortable to you guys.. but please accept me that I am Shy Boy eeerrghh... ==' once you know me well enough about me.. you will find that i'm very superb extremely danger,hyper and cherish :)

okay enough.. time to sleep.. bye2 hee :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello :)

Dah lame sehh tak update blog ni..rindu pulak.. susah ar nak update sebab aku dok matriks un xde masa nak update..tunggu jelah ae.. tunggu balik cuti.. maybe 24th June ni balik hee :)

So, how are you guys there? I'm here feels great and ggrrrr OMG! boring.. without Internet and social network.. ngeehee :P Studylah babe! adoii satu tahun je..buat relaks jelah... lepas tu baru free hahaha... rindu pulak ngn bestfriend aku tehee :) xsabar pulak nak jumpa diorang.. tapi bila? Maybe, Hari Raya Puasa.. i can meet and spend time with them haha raya babe... enough! study.. amek kesempatan sehh time belajar science computer.. sempat blogging hahaha... bye2 :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Niena yang Biol :)

Assalamualaikum Niena Ismail :)

yeah Dr. Niena yang biol hahaha... hope kau jadilah doctor yg bertauliah bukan pervert bertauliah hahaha... eeee rindu nak tumbuk kau.. aritu tak dapat nak tumbuk kau sebb aku tgk kau diam je hahaha .. xpe2 lain kali je la ae hahaha... urm niena take a god care kat UM nanti... papehal call or text aku... teeheeee :) urm niena thanks for everything~~ papelah.. kat sane kitak jangan rindu sama kamek lak.. hahaha.. elek2 satu tahun je kot... then nanti kitorg minx ar UM or UiTM ke hahaha.. ok...

ni gamba time kita budak2 hahaha

latest..time last jumpa for this season hahaha

and THIS hahahaha macam sandy... kau tu da ar kurus hahaha aku ingt ni sampai bila2.. :P

hahahahaha okaylah... sayang kau ketat2.. miss and love ya always niena... hahaha and lagi satu jangan perasan kau GEMOK hahahahha booo :O

from your lovely friend

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bye Shark! :(

Assalamualaikum Syakirah Hamdan a.k.a Shark! :)

I hope you read this...
Goodbye my beloved friend, good luck too.. wish you all the best.. Im sorry for all.. sorry sebab aku ada sakitkan hati kau or kecikkan hati kau.. sorry sangat2... eh syak, thanks for your keychain car.. i will keep it forever.. wah first time aku dapat something yang orang buat dengan tangan sendiri hahaha terharunyeeee :( hahaha :)

Thanks for all.. semuanya.. ajar addmaths and semua lah.. kau tak kedekut ilmu.. kau selalu share.. hee bukan setakat share ilmu je.. share masalah,marah,sedih,happy and time bila aku susah,kau selalu nasihatkan aku,sedarkan aku and papelah.. time aku susah kau try to make me cool down teheee :D owh thanks sebab kau trust aku ngn pet..yeah we're your bodyguard hahahaha cis...Syak! you're the best friend ever in my world.. i do love and miss you so much... :)

ni ada gamba time kita tuition... zaman2 sekolah lah katakan hahaha

nie pulak latest.. yeah aku rindu rambut aku hahahhaa :P

k goodluck dekat puncak alam k.. papehal lau aku ada problem ke ape ke.. aku text or calling2 kau ae :) sayang kau ketat2 lah beb :) kirim salam family kau okay.. :D

from your naughty friend,
Pojie <3

Friday, May 20, 2011

budak UiTM :(

hye fatin,yanna,bob and syuq.. harap korang baca ni ye... hee arini korang last kan.. soooo good luck ae.. yanna ngn fatin kat uitm segamat.. and bob ngn syuq kat shah alam... :( take care kat sane... yanna baik2 kat sane.. jage kau punye kesihatan and goodluck ae... hahaha eh macam ar xley contact kan boleh bawak phone hahaha... nehh
fatin ! hye awak... eeuuwww hahahaha :) take care.. senyum lah selalu ni tgk muka masam je.. xbest ar.. time amek gamba je senyum booo hahahaha good luck kat sane.. balik raya nanti roger2... swoh mak aku masakan macam tahun lepas uh hahaha...
bob eh kau kat sane jangan main langgar diet kau je hahaha kau sendiri yg cakap ngn aku kan kau nak diet hahaha... take care babe... and good luck.. jadi lawyer.. t kau boleh bela aku hahaha :)
syuq.. oh my! good luck ae.. for CPA kat shah alam.. hope you can achieve what you aim for your life... :) i know you can do it pal... so do your best .. fighting! ;)oh rindu ar bpmall ngn burger arab hahaha balik sem lepak jom hahaha

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We are the Second Family :)

Today was totally awesome hangout wif ma family.. wow bestnye jumpa kau orang.. hahahaha aku rindu koranglah wey.. pergh! lepas ni kita dah tak jumpa lagi untuk beberape bulan huuu~ eh terima kasih ae korang spend time same2.. oh Emy rindu kamu juga... tadi xjumpalah.. hee sorry...


Oh MY BROTHERS... or gays hahaha :P

Faris Petra
kau gay! hahahaha yeah man~ thanks for being ma friend even I'm very annoying :) Yeah akhirnye bende yg kita xsangka last2 dapat study same2... pergh! mesti bosan un hari bangun je tgk muka kau hahahha... ish! hope dapat sebilik.. thanks ar sebab kau aku matang sikit je :P hahaha nahhh ingt lagi dulu kite selalu belajar kat tasek hahaha... setiap hari selasa... haha yeah akan merindui kenangan tersebut

you too thanks for being ma friend and my dancer hahaha .. yeah remember our Lucifer dance steps hahaha... I hope that you're gonna be what do you wish for.. :)urm kau sesuai jadi pemimpin..haha hah!even kau sakitkan hati aku tetap aku sabar beb..sebab aku da masak ngn perangai siot kau hahahhaa eh kat sane nanti jangan nak rindu2 aku k hahahaha... gay!

yeah man... the big boss hahaha ayahanda hahaha... thanks man~ for being ma friend.. kau lepas ni jgn rindu Burger Arab,BPmall and etc,nanti kat shah alam da dapatr awek aw aw.. jgn lupa di sini hahaha... hahaha and lagi satu jadilah stalker yg lebih hebat hahahaha


Nurliyana Bani
Yanna ~~~ eh lepas ni da tak dapat manja2 ngn kau lagi... hahahaha geliiiiii~~~ nahhh eh thanks for being ma friend... dulu kau benci aku time form 3 un.. hahaa aku ingt lagi.. aku annoying giler kan hahaha... tapi bila da form 4 xsangke.. kita rapat hahaha.. eh thanks ea.. setiap kali ada masalah ... sedih.. marah..rahsia mesti kau sanggup share your heart with me hahaha mesti kau ada..mmg wajib haha... thanks yanna.. sayang kau!

Niena Ismail
eeee kau ni! kenape tadi petang kau jadi pendiam huh?! bukan kau hyper ke.. kau sakit ae hahaha.. okay xpe... ish niena aku rindu nak pang kau hahahha... eee thanks for being ma friend and my superb crazy girl hahaha kau suka damaikan orang e.g time yg aku nak tego pet tu hahaha thanks ae..tiap kali aku sedih mesti kau tolong ceriakan aku hahaa even dgn topic biology..kau mmg biol hahaha... okay ingt lagi pasal monyet uh hahahaha... rindu gila kot..zaman2 dulu hahaha... sayang kau babe! rasa macam nak pukol je budak ni :P

Syakirah Hamdan
Shark!! raaawwwrrr eh ada ke spesis shark berbunyi begitu hahahaha... eh thanks for being ma friend and my sensei! haahaha rindulah time kau ajar aku addmaths haha.. thanks ae.. kau ajar aku addmaths sampai aku dapat B... hahahaha okay and thanks ae.. time aku marah,sedih and bengang mesti kau kasi aku macam2 nasihat..tiap kali aku sush kau mesti ada,yeah man~ you're the good listener.. terbaiklah kawan...minta maaf ae kalau aku ada sakitkan hati kau and salah sangka dgn kau..syak! aku sayang kau sangat2.. eh mesti lepas ni rindu nak dgr nasihat kau hahhaa aku simpan kereta kecil berwarna merah boleh kubawa ke matriks hahaha.. thanks sangat2

Fatin Zaidi
hahaha.. eh darl... thanks for being ma friend.. kau mmg slumber punye orang hahaha... eh rindu ar time tuition dulu.. hahaha setiap kali jumpa je mesti main wink2 bersama Pet hahaha... pergh! bahaya doe buat cam tu.. kitorg ley jatuh hahaha :P kat sane nanti jgn nakal2 huahahahaha ingt PnP (poji n pet) hahahaha eh fatin sayang kau! hahaha rindu kau!

eh kau! hahaha best tak kene pukol2 je ngn aku hahahhaa... aku buat camtu sebab entahlah..setiap kali aku ngn pet jumpa kau je mesti nak pukol hahahha... hah! lagi satu jangan kuat bebel doe.. takot kitorg adehhh kau ni mmg sah kitorg ejek kau nenek or mak cik hahahaha eh noni sayang kau juga! and rindu nak tumbuk2 kau lepas ni hahaha

Emylia Waheeda
Mak! hahaha eh mak rindu ar.. nape tadi xdatang eeee... :P eh xpe2 hahaha... mesti ada reason nvm.. hee... eh take care eh kat matriks uh... ngn noni... tolong pukol die hari2 jadikan sebagai pengganti poji hahaha... ingt lagi time form 5 dulu.. poji accident emy pun accident.. moto poji kene curi moto emy pun kene curi.. apalah nasib kita anak beranak hahahhaa.. eee sayang emy! hee

Deeba! hahaha thanks for ole-ole... i gurau je kot.. tak sangka you beli betul2... hahha i simpan kay.. i bawak bende alah tu g matriks.. hey thanks for being ma friend even kita kenal berape bulan je hahahaha... eh beljar baik2 taw,take care..eee macam nak belasah je wey budak ni hahhaha..okay jgn rindu2 kitorg huahahahaha... rindu anda hahaha... miss ya..

eh korang nanti raya kita dapat cuti kan.. so jgn lupa ae.. macam tahun lepas hahaha... wif family... yeah I will remember you always and miss you guys damn so much <3 :) hee... I love this Family .. mmuah mmuah okay sakit jari nak typing hahaha... bye! sayang korang! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

saengil chukha hamnida IU

Happy Birthday IU.. already 18teennnnn :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hahaha :(

nahhh today I'm feeling so down like G6.. hahaha :( see i told ya.. I'm alone... so thats it.. yeah arini best jalan sorang2 kenape member aku xde sebab die ada reason tertentu.. xpelah Ying and Say yeing next time okay.. I know Ying, you have some problem.. nvm next time ada.. okay... harini beli sweater jelah... hee its Black.. yeah man~ :) OMG ! Asal aku rasa sedih ni? nahhh Ish2 go away! shooshoooo

Okay nak ilangkan rasa sedih... main Dota :) smile always

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Last Chapter : Work

yeah last kerja weeee :D.. xsabar nak unggu jam 10 malam yeah.. after that, I'm gonna freeeeeee :) yeah babe yeah.. lepas ni belajar pula.. yeah... buku buku buku nahhh... hey lepas kerja ni nak buat apa ek? lagi seminggu je kat Batu Pahat then blah g malacca babe...tapi kene belajar yeah man~ hahaha...

hah esok sampai next week ialah masa bersama member2.. yelah semua nanti da campak jauh.. uitm,um and matriks mane2 ar.. yeah man~ I miss you babe

eh korang g jalan2 jom.. satu hari je.. g shopping ke.. cari barang nak pergi uni ke... ape2 ke yeah... I miss you guys already hahaha eee geliii :P nahhh next week kita enjoy gila baby.. pastu farewell huu sedihnyeee T.T ... ingt time zaman sekolah dulu.. kemain.. kanak2 riang hahaha oh rindunyeee time tu... a'ah tadi jumpa niena with her father... yeah niena I miss you.. hey lain kali janganlah jerit k hahaha datang je kat kiosk tu .. bukannya ada orang makan hang punnn... eh k ar malas nak bebel lagi... eeee yeah tunggu pukol 10 malam... bye nak kerja... last weeeee :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For my SuperMOM :)

Happy Birthday ! Norashiken binti Ismail... yeah my mom... I love ya.. thanks for being my great mother in my life.. stay beauty... yeah today is your real Birthday! yeah man~ semoga mak dimurahkan rezeki,panjang umur dan sihat selalu... stay beauty.. lepass ni poji da pergi matriks jangan rindu2 poji.. hahahaha ok... I hope that you can see me at the convo.. Degree for my mom... just wait huh... my promise to you is to send you and father go to Umrah... hee thats my promise... yeah


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

easy to cool down :)

yeah I'm easy to cool down.. but don't think i didn't have a RAAAWWWRRRR ! hahaha senang je nak cool down ni.. just sebut perkataan "lantak lah, apa2lah, biarkan jelah, lupakan jelah, ish! " hahaha paling baik ialah berzikir.. dan banyak beristifar and ambil wuduk lah hahaha... thanks to Syak.. my Superb Cool Down assistant hahaaha.. :) yeah thanks a lot for your advises.. it's really mean to me.. hahaahaha

after this, aku da tak nak swearing lagi kat public.. tak baik... ok.. mungkin ada reason aku buat macam tu... aku time tu da tak dapat kawal perasaan marah aku.. tapi takpe lepas ni perkara tu tak akan berulang lagi.. yeah.. :)

when i was sad.. I heard this song... it can make me better.. gosh how sweetness her voice.. this video can makes me tear up.. hahaha

okay lah cukup sudah.. bye :)


yeah.. aku sekarang rasa macam keseorangan... hahaha aku tahu ada orang benci aku... ye may be dia dalam kalangan orang yg aku kenal... bencilah aku sebanyak mane yg kau nak.. puaskan lah hati kau... kalau aku da berubah tolong tegur... kalau aku ada buat salah tolong betulkan.. kalau aku ade sakitkan hati kau tolong beritahu... dan kalau kehadiran aku sebagai kawan kau sangat menyusahkan hidup kau.. tolong tinggalkan aku... yeah tragedi dulu berulang lagi.. terima kasih kawan~~ now you must show your true colours in front of me... honestly i wanna see it.. yeah aku sedar aku bodoh, aku sedar aku poyo... aku sedar aku ni bukan sesuai jadi kawan kau... dan aku bangga sebab aku dibenci.. hahaha biarlah orang cakap aku tak ada perasaan.. YE mmg aku tak ada perasaan... sooo... what the hell.. terlebih dahulu aku nak minta maaf sangat2 k... okay... puas?!

biarlah orang nak cakap aku apa... janji aku ialah aku.. okay?! nahhh biarkan lah aku sorang.. jangan lah kau nak kesian kat aku k..

Monday, May 9, 2011

ye ke? jual mahal :)

hahaha yeah Happy mother's day hahaha semalamkan..aku tahu~~... nahh

my mom macam nak i je swoh cari calon cepat.. tapi adik aku cakap aku ni jual mahal hahaha... ye ke? mana ada! apa2 lah kau... nehh then Pet pun cakap aku jual mahal nahhh.. ye ke? lagi?! mana ada! hahaha aku bukannye jual mahal pun... aku takot and mlu je... macam ar korang tak tahu yg i ni kan pemalu~~~ eeuuwww okay jgn nak menggedik kat sini hahhaa... :P

nahh mak kata mak nak carikan... okay xnak! hahaha lau ok xpe.. nahh biar poji cari sendiri ar.. nanti kat university kan ada.. or may be kat sini pun ada~~ woot~ woot~ hahhaa... okay2... xpelah belajar dulu ar.. mula2 kenal2 dulu nanti kat matriks kene focus k... yeah man.. kenal2 dulu k.. papehla pun nanti ada jodoh hahaha... :) okay kata orang kene kenal lame sikit... baru ley request hahaha tapikannnnn aku malu.. sampai bila pun malu aku ni x hilang... aku da malu nak pandang muka perempuan and mostly mata... aku mesti toleh sane sini bila bercakap dengannya hahaha...

owh ya! selamat datang yo..budak baru thanks sebab follow my blog nahh... love you guys <3 :)

Got me hook!

OMG! dia tego aku dulu..watda?! aku rasa macam mimpi... haahaha gelii lah... kitorg tego dan bercakap pasal ke mana lepas ni.... hurm i think i go for the matriks hahaha... nahh she also go for the matriks.. but we ain't same place... ggrrr... aku sebenarnyaa maluuu nak cakap ngn die.. so aku lau bercakap dgn die mesti xpandang mata sebab aku maluu hahhaha... wow she got me hook!... k sudah.. jangan nak gila bayang hahaha time untuk kerja hahahah kbye! :)

Dota jeee :)

yeah babe...setiap malam Dota jeeeee kejenyeeeee... hahaha sebab ape pun aku tak tahu.. Hell man aku NOOB ag ar siottt... xley lawan player lain ggrrrr... urm i think i will stop playing this game when i go to matriculation hahaha guess what... I must focus! for sem 1 and 2.. i wanna score it... haish 1 tahun lah aku cuti Dota hahaha.. haish kejap je masa da berlalu... semua budak da nak pergi da hahahha... lahhh xdapatlah nak main dota ramai2 lagi grrrr... inilah dunia dota... dunia orang tanpa awek... hahaha

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yeah I'm alone

nahh i'm alone now.. Pet sudah berhenti dan aku tinggal seorang dengan akim..nahhh... okay fine lagi berape hari je meh.. Yes! Khamis ni last kerja weeeee :D
lepas tu kita ENJOYYYYYY~~~~ eee gedik! hahaha :P harini nasib baiklah Yanna teman aku makan..haha lau x aku makan sorg2 je... haish macam2 hal lah sekarang ni nak pk... buat aku pressure... hal ini lah hal itu lah... aaahhhh geramnyeeee (-__-)

Alaaaaa sedih pulak lepas ni... da mula dah penyakit homesick hahaha... mestisedih nak mati... lepas ni da kene belajar gila2.... adehh no more facebook..dota... and apa2 lah.. after this... nahhh xpelah just untuk satu tahun...tapikan tapikan... aku rasa macam nak amek uitm pulak eeee pening sehhh ish... nanti2 lah aku pk.. hahaha aku rasa macam nak nangis je bila pk semua ni..tapi watpe nak nangis geliiiii lah hahaha... macam budak... hahaha hanya mampu mengeluh je ar... sigh* yeah lepas ni semua da pergi yes! sedih! ok sedih! teramat hahaha

Saturday, May 7, 2011

pening~ nak pilih yang mana satu ni

Matriks or uitm... yeah i dapat uitm segamat..matriks pula kat melaka...haish..peninglah nak buat keputusan..sush bangat... uitm dapat science quantitative... matriks science physical...eerrrghhhh sush nyeee nak buat keputusan... (-__-) Ya Allah kau berikanlah petunjuk kepada ku untuk meneruskan perjuangan ku dan cita-cita ku... :/

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Everyday doing the same thing. Yeah i'm tired and soooooo bored here.. nahh I wanna see my friends..damn i miss you guys... Everyday and every night just playing Dota.. haaaaaa (-__-) sigh*

Waiting for 13th Friday..last working with Celcom... and then having fun with my friends before we go our own ways... yeah Farewell my fiends.. bila semua da balik nanti kita pergi Family trip okay... I miss you guys damn so much hahaha <3 owh ya hari raya nanti jangan lupa ye stick macam dulu...makan mee curry or mee soup mak aku siap ngn coklat homemade lagi hahaha sedap kan.. :) okay bye!

P/S:Hey new follower... kansahamida,Thank You cause follow my blog haha you are most welcome here...


yeah i do love her.. semalam tengok Happy Together kat KBS World... haha thanks to Yanna because she reminds me.. hahaha yeah she has the natural beauty face... OMG! oh menarik gila! hahaha cute gila sehh... time die buat muka hahaha okay enough! da gila bayang hahaha :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kau seperti Sumaiyyah

Ya Allah.. aku terbaca blog tentang seorang perempuan berasal dari Libya... dia nak cakap yg dia adalah seorang muslim..yeah i trust her 100%.... wow her life full in sadness and sorrow... dia sanggup mempertahankan Islam... mashaAllah... sungguh besar pengorbanan dia.. ayahnya sanggup bertindak kasar.. memaksa dia menanggalkan tudung.. kerana takot dengan masyarakat Jewish... perempuan itu terpaksa mematikan account Facebook serta Blogger.. ish jahatnya... Ya Allah please save this girl.. kesian gila bila mendgr cerita kehidupan die dalam blog die..tapi sekarang blog tu da xde lagi... haish..

Kita patut sedar bahawa kia mempunyai hidup yg lebih baik... tidak ada yg menghalang kita menganut agama Islam,tapi kita just buat tak endah je..lalai menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai umat Islam... tak macam perempuan uh.. kesian gila sanggup berkorban mempertahankan Islam... dia macam Sumaiyyah.. bangga gila dgn dia...

harap dia ok... Ya Allah please save her.. yeah I love Islam.. Thanks to Syakirah Hamdan for giving me her blog.. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nerd hahaha

DAH TAK ADA KERJA DAH... eh!!! xsabar nak benti kerja hahahaha


yeah pagi2 semlam pukol 2.00 a.m.... pergh! check matrikulasi... omg! dapat Melaka..same ngn petra...what the...Gay siot... hahaha tapi apa2 pun bersyukur ar.. dapat matriks..tapikan nak tunggu UPU dulu... nak masuk u...matriks sush owh...hee..lau nak masuk pun kene jadi skema..pergh! xkene dgn watak aku hahaha yeah aku dapat sains matrikulasi so kene buat 1 tahun..bapak ar xnak pressure lak un... da ar kat londang..bunyi da macam LONDON hahahahha :P gila mak ai... yeah pergi daftar 23 awal GILA!... nehh baru nak g enjoy2 dulu..tapi xpe ar..lain kali...heee actually kan xnak masuk matriks..sebb ape susah sebab satu tahun kene belajar tanpa henti..boleh tahan ke? lau aku xley beb... hahaha sorry thats not my style to be NERD hahaha... okay others pun dapat melaka gak..sng cite budak2 yg berdota ngn aku semalam dapat melaka ar..abes ar kat KMM mesti malam2 dota je hahaha..gila beng nehh...

okaylah ngntuk...nak tido hee :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Favouriteeeee :)

IU weee :) ... Joon change it into "I like U"... suka gila kot lagu nieee :D

Peace :)

yeah i do love peace... hee :) guess what?! Syuq and Pet already become friend again...thank God.. Deeba you are awesome man~ ... your wish already came true... yeah man~ okay setelah aku penat nasihat to both sides... so i guess my job already done with forgiving each other..yeah i do love that person hee... awww comelnye bila Pet minta maap kat Niena...euuwww... rasa macam nak rakam je haha... yeah Niena aku da sound die k.. sape cakap aku xboleh... nasihat je..settle cara baik... yeah i learned about forgiving and about friendship...friend is hard to find and enemy is easy to find ... so I... I don't want any of my friend fight again.. i do love peace..yeah Niena's quote... PEACE~~ hahaha :)

so after this we gonna have some vacation together..but dunno where to go... i hope before we go to further our studies..we gonna enjoy and have fun together okay... maybe in the future i will miss you guys.. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

last working on 22 Mei

hahaha can't wait for that date... okay im very very very boring in here...being the promoter can improve my english language...try to communicate with people around us... no matter who they are... yeah i do feel sooo grateful with my gonna miss this... but life must go on... im gonna further my studies for my brilliant future even brightening... nehh oh man this makes me dizzy... hah!

nahh aku takut lak..if aku tak dapat masuk universiti...eee nak masuk sangat...yeah pesaing sekarang da ramaiso sush ar taon nie haahahha..... okay2 enough for this... last working on 22 Mei with Petra... yeah after that, we gonna have some trip before we go... hee :) yeah i will miss my friends when i further my studies...

thats all for today...okay bye! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hey im jealous!

yay! i'm jealous with Niena Ismail and Fariz Petra hahaha... they watch the Justin Bieber concert at Stadium Bukit Jalil..nehh yeah i do regret because i didn't buy the ticket.. nehh yeah J Bieber you make the girls scream out loud..hahahaha :D I bet that Niena scream like a crazy woman.. yeah man~ eee im very very very jealous! hahahahaha J Bieber you are awesome man.. <3 next time when you come to Malaysia, i will buy the ticket to watch ya concert okay... eerrghhh nampak mcm gay tapi apa salahnye da minat kat J Bieber... owh yeah i got new words GAY G=great A=awesome Y=yummy... hahaha no wonder lah if J Bieber haters say him is a GAY hahahhaa... they are wrong tettt... owh DVD Never Say Never da nak keluar yay! im gonna be the first owh pape lah janji dapat beli DVD uh hahahaha :)

Bila nak abis kerja ni~~

haish...leceh ar...bilalah nak abis kerja ni~~` bosan... im last working on 22 mei... so only 1 week left for me to enjoy all of my teen life... nehh.. untunglah budak lain dapat g interview.. aku xde pun... Nurliyana Bani i hope you do your best with ya IPG interview ok... fighting!!! :) and others too do your best ok... its for your future..

Thursday, April 21, 2011


sejak akhir2 ni... aku asyik sakit kepala je... pergh! sakit... i can't go through that pain..grrr... bilalah nak baik... nehh...
okay makin lama makin teruk... bila aku pening je.. mesti ada air yg berwarna kuning macam ubat sapu luka uh keluar dari hidung aku... takut syiak... keluar setiap kali aku stress and sakit kepala..pergh! xkan ar aku ada penyakit serius.. muda2 lagi xkan aku ada penyakit serius...ish... aku sekarang tgh takut..and penyakit tu masih tak hilang juga.... cecair uh still kuar bila aku baring.. tiap kali aku baring mesti aku rasa lemas kat hidung..bila aku bangun mesti meleleh..tapi masalah uh da kuranglah... depends pada vicks aku... inhaler punye... so adalah kurangnya... hanya Nurliyana Bani sahaja yg tahu aku sakit... aku harap penyakit ni xlah membawa maut... hee :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

What the hell

hey hello... jangan menghina aku ok... ingat kau da bagus sangat... eh kau tau tak.. kau tu jangan nak bajet semuanya ok... well i guess you're wrong...tolong cermin diri sikit.... hey aku depan kau just senyum je bantah sorry..tu bukan jenis aku... aku senyum2 ada makna...baik kau jaga2... kau belum kenal aku sape lagi... lau aku da mengamuk..jangan nak suroh aku rileks.. aku lau da mengamok..habis... kau xboleh nak kawal aku beb... baik kau jaga2..diam2 aku pun ada had kesabarannya... so lepas ni aku da malas nak pk pasal kau and then lepas ni lau kau buat lagi...mampus kau... baran aku jadinye

Thursday, April 14, 2011

we're growing up

OMG! = Oh menarik gila!

kita makin lama makin besar.. makin jauh bersama teman.. makin matang dalam membuat keputusan.. makin berkedut muka kita... makin susah jalani kehidupan hahaha... im here because i wanna rip off my stress and problem i had... gosh! GO AWAY lil nasty... nahh... hey kawan sedih siot.. lepas ni semua da ikut hala tuju masing2... so lepas ni jangan lah disconnect okay hahaa... rindu ar kat budak2.. haha semua da mula cari pasangan... aku? bila lagi~~ angkat2 kening* hahaha.. entahlah... tunggu jela.. someday maybe... but sekarang ni masa untuk mengejar kerjaya okay.... soooo what the hell.. lets get goin crazy... HAHAHAHAHA gila ae* jom kejar cite2... MOM ! you will see that your son will goin on the stage... hahahaha dont cry ok


Hye for the newbie... thanks because follow my blog.. hee... that's all kot

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


pergh! esok results sudah keluar.. haish berdebar hati aku ni... macam nak terkeluar jantung aku pun ada.. Ya Allah kau berikanlah aku kejayaan yang cemerlang dalam SPM.. amin~~~
walau bagaimanapun aku tawakal kepada Allah.. aku da pun usaha dan buat yang terbaik masa SPM.. hope tomorrow i can get the flying colour results... nehh.. nak sangat masuk university... sebab tu impian aku.. aku mesti kejar! hahahhaa wahhh esok bolehlah jumpa classmates aku.. da lame kot xjumpa.. hahaha... i hope that SDBL will get the best results for SPM.. come on guys break the record hahahaha i noe you can do it...

p/s: aku rindu sangat time aku study group ngn mem2 aku..harap kite same2 berjaya ae... ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Malacca! :)

untunglahhhh dapat pergi melaka ngn kawan2 semua... pet,yanna,niena,emy,deeba,fatin and noni...PERGH! wacakaplu mmg best hahaha

okay first macam nie citenye... naik kete sampai melaka jalan jalan sekian terima kasih!... dah macam tu ar citenye..hahaha xlawak punnn
nehh okay! g melaka g shopping2,makan2 and mandi2.. pergh! sepanjang perjalanan aku kesian tgk niena ngn fatin... terpakse share 1 kerusi..hahahahahah padan muka... janji aku dapat dok sorg..tenang sikit... jahatkan aku ni..nehh
then bila sampai di shopping complex watda fark..semua rambang mata wow! best! baju lawa2 and murah2 and best2... phewww tapikan xbeli pape pun just tgk je..nak beli tapi time uh pk berkali-kali..last2 aku yg nyesal sbb xbeli haihhhh...tapi xpelah next time je ar...macam ar melaka uh kat luar negara hahaha...

Lepas tu, g makan seafood... kat mana tah da lupa..sebab xamek tahu pun..nehh..pergh! makan ramai2 best! macam2 ragam... semua da lapar..makan pun macam entahlah xtahu nak cakap pe..huihhh lepas makan g bayar.. pergh! makan best harga die pun best.. rm 142 pergh! untunglahhh tapi best hahaha..lepas abis makan blah g jonker street..pergh! sekali tutup un...haih xpela sempat amek gamba je nehh...
lepas uh kan g balik ar... then singgah jap g beli dvd..ingt nak tgk ramai2 kat ruma tok wan..last2 diorg tido awal..pergh! hampeh..~~~ pastu barulah aku tidooo...

esoknya kitorg bangun... pergh! aku ngn pet bual kapir kat bilik.. time tu belum mandi sebab sengaja kasi perempuan mandi dulu.. pastu aku swoh pet mandi dulu... mandi cam perempuan.. then aku sambung ar tidooo... pergh! sekali kene pukol pijak ngn pet,niena,noni and deeba..woaaa agak2 ar... butt aku xde lemak.. adoiii... then semua pun siap2 ar...

semua da siap terus g berangkat ke jonker street..bila je sampai sana mak ai.. kedai2 semua unik..woaaaa rambang mata lagi... baju semua lawa2 and wow urah pun murah...souvi2 kat sane pun adalah aku beli tok adq aku and kawan un..yg xjoin ar... hahaha kang kecik hati aku aku kisah* and yg paling best..aku beli mainan ayam tok adq aku haha suara die macam org menangis xtahan aku dgr haha tapi bende alah uh sekarang adq aku da bawak g asrama lah pulak..entah apa tah die buat aku pun xtaw lah nehh...

pastu g lunch kat jusco.. ada macam2 mknn kat sane tapi xsedap b0oo...nehh pastu barulah g mandi kat tangkak..lah mak xde tempat mandi yg best ar kat situ.. mengancam nyawa aku adalah..grrr tapi xpela..aku pun da lame un xmandi air terjun hahaha... pastu semua pun balik lagi..singgah jap beli souvi! aku suka rantainyee.. tu sebagai kenangn ar spend time ngn korg un huuu..rindu ar...hahaha untunglahh ada member spoting

sema da siap2 mandi pastu balik.. g makan kat parit simen lak.. pergh! da nak sampai uh.. diorg katalah sikit lagi nyawa kitorg nak melayang.. disebbkan kecuaian pet..ingt pet mata tgk depan..aku time uh sedap tido..dgr diorg jerit baru tersadar... haha bila da sampai bedal apa yg sedap and then hantar balik rumah... otw uh..aku ngn niena xabis2 bergado.. pergh! sekali kene gigit..auuwwww xsakit pun.. berbekas lah siutt..agk2 ar.. tapi xpelah lepas nie xjumpa lagi un..masing2 da sibok bekerja hahha

akhirnyee sampai wuma juga..home sweet home..wohooo...passtu tido ar pe lagi nehh..

THe End

Saturday, March 12, 2011

wooyoung called IU part 2

pergh! both are cute..milky couple haha

wooyoung called IU part 1


1st day
7.00 - 8.00 a.m
aku ngn pet ada mission impossible daripada emy...

8.30 - 9.00 a.m
korg siap2 amek kitorg kat wuma pet..

9.00 - 9.30 a.m
breakfast kat mane2..

9.30 - 11.30 a.m
Malacca hahaha

11.30 - 2.00 noon
rehat mana..and sembahyanglah

2.00 - 5.30 p.m
A'famosa babe

5.30 - 8.00 p.m
wuma tok wan

8.00 - 11.00 p.m
jalan jalan cari makan

12.00 midnight

2nd day
9.00-11.00 a.m
mandi2..pastu g breakfast

11.00 - bila2
shopping pastu korang nak g mana g ar...and then balik hahaha

ok..da tulah plannya..
yang join:
emy,niena,fatin,yanna,noni,deeba noh,aku ngn pet :)

more IU!

wow he changed IU into I like U hahaha

Friday, March 11, 2011

Milky couple!

IU and Wooyoung..they are so cute..
I love this words..
How can you know that you have feelings on her? 'When I feel sad, she was the first person I will be remembered .. When I was happy, she is also the first person I will remember' ♥ ;)

pilsuk said that! <3

hahahaha jealous!

Wah!!!! bestlah bestfriend aku enjoy trip g korea...gggrrr... jealous betul..haih nak juga pergi... tapi bila la ek~~? nehh maybe in the future hahaha... mesti best dapat jumpa artist... nahh geramnyeee~~~ hahaha... aiyo takotnye next week da jpj haish... macam mna nie.. lepas tu yay! g melaka... tapikan xtaw ar..for 1day or 2days ggrrrr... hope 2days ar... grr nak enjoy sakan..nehh eh ritu ternampak bek berduri..WAH!!!! nak BELILAH grrr..tapi harganya RM1++.++ grrr...NAK JUGA! ala tu nanti ar..beli kat melaka lau ada... nehh SYAK! aku jealous ngn kau! tahu aar sendiri kenapa... haha :P

Thursday, March 10, 2011


why must petra and i go to the fair... ALWAYS! WHY!? alamak tapi ok ar..sebb kami ok kot hahaha mungkin..or maybe tidak hahaha... alaaaa sane susah nak jual broadband grrr...macam mane nie...?? xpelah redha je ar ish! :(((

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dream High !

driving lesson

omg! pergh! driving lesson was so amazed and tired enough grrr... always do the same thing every lesson..okay its for reminding me for driving...btw my jpj test will be held on 14 march..this monday...grrr so fast..but thanks to en. malik because he understand me that i wanna get my LICENSE FAST!!!....nehhh hey you there..wish me luck for my jpj test ok... kansahamida..hee
p/s: bored to be 'housewife' again!!!


pergh! cute seyh hahaha... lee ji eun.. <3

Saturday, February 19, 2011

babi bosan

petra: babi bosan!

aku: bosan babi!

kitorg: babi yang bosan hahahahahaha!

pergh! bosan siot kerja asik kene marah je...nak buat itu ini tak boleh... undang2 sudah ditubuhkan ngn boss yang natang.. hahaha
leceh ar xde freedom langsung...kene control bahabi...

yeah kami tgh tunggu bulan March dimana kami boleh meluangkan masa bersama yanna,niena,emy,syak,noni,fatin dan kami...Malacca babe...nak main paintball!!!! nak tembak budak hahaha...nasib ar korg..nangis apa aku kisah hahahha...kami nak enjoy sebelum fatin ngn noni g plkn nehh...hahahha...kesiannye diorg kene plkn..tapi bagus ar.sebagai markah bonus nak masuk university.. :)

k la sekian tok hari in i yang sangat membosankan...

petra: da ar aku nak gune pulak...!

aku: elek ar.. aku baru on blog je kot setan hahaahhaha...

petra: setan kau! hahaha

Friday, February 18, 2011

First salary for my family :)

first salary for my family hee... semahal mana pun xkisah la..sbb die family aku... kasih sayang tidak ternilai sudah nak dapat berbanding duit yang kita ada..even mahal mana pon untuk mak xksa..untuk adik ayah pon..hahha

akhirnya semua sudah aku spend buat beli tinggal lagi sorang je adq aku yg ada kat asrama uh,ika...ggrrr kau bile nak balik...jenuh aku tunggu..tapi xpe time uh aku da dapat gaji kot..nak belanja kau xde hal la hahaha...

yeah thats my promise untuk first salary aku ahhaha

howdie guys

nehh i miss my blogger nehh... lamenye aku tinggalkan blog aku h... xrindu pon~~~ ahaha
haish makin besar makin ada masalah laaaa....
sekarang sudah kerja..masa sangat la busy~~~ oh man~~ malasnye nak kerja...tapi kire bersyukur ar dapat kerja sng..elek2 je..cume pakai mulut je da dapat duit hahahha.... bersyukur*

oh sekarang saya sudah rindu adq angkat saya eerrrghhh saya nak jumpe die tapi errghhh xpelah die da g asrama bulan 3 baru balik...xpelah tunggu sahaja lah... (n.n)

sekian tu je ar hahhaa