Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin .. May Allah blees this Aidilfitri and covered with your smile peace ! :D I'm sorry for everything .. Enjoy and be careful along your journey :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Simplicity is believed to be the ability for one to express what is on his/ her mind in a plain and orderly manner. Most of us have the ability to explain ourselves in a clear and concise manner, but yet still, we still find ourselves have little problems in clearing our head in other to get a clear thought to be expressed in a way that it would be understood.
Besides,simplicity means centering in on that which is important and letting go of the rest. It can mean living with few possessions and entanglements, but more broadly it is an attitude, an approach to life.

Simplicity allows us to consume less. It differentiates needs from wants and places a priority on the needs of others over our own wants. It also allows us to accomplish more of what really matters. When we approach a task or conversation with an attitude of simplicity we strive to keep ourselves focused on the essential core rather than getting lost in a clutter of distractions and embellishments. We listen for the same in the words of other people. Simplicity helps us to maintain clarity of mind and purpose.
Back to the creativity, if we combine the creativity and simplicity it will become more awesome in making our explanation and planning something. :)
"Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves, dispel the clouds which hang over our brows, and take up a little life into our pores.”

Nowadays,peoples like prefer wealth rather than simplicity life.They like to show off and being arrogant and greedy. Why we must be like that? Better if we use our wealth to find a reward. Wealth can't bring us to Hereafter.

So many philosophical used to be simple in their life. Like A.Samad Said,we see him as the great philosophical in this country. BUT his life only surrounded with simple property. :)

So thats all for today. Kbye!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr Simple :)

see them.. simple only can make them famous.. the rhythm of this song is soo damn cool :)

Home sweet home :)

Yeah at last!
Home sweet home.. miss ma home,family,friends and hometown :)
So I'm gonna plan something for this 2 weeks holiday.. yeah! I wanna enjoy my holiday fully enough. There's a lot of changes at BP. Domino's Pizza ! Maybe I will get my Iftar there with my familia :) gosh can't wait.. guys~ I'm here already get my holiday for 2 weeks.. you guys don't feel jealous okay? hahaha Owh I feel so tired and so excited. BTW be KMM hello BP. Thats all :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quite and Talkative

You campus life is the place where we have to find friends in all over the world. It can improve our social skills for example sharing, cooperating and else. Quite and talkative. 2 characters I had choose. Okay first we start to the quite person.
The person who didn't much talk and you think,how they can make friend?
This person has no problem because quite is a good attitude. They always like peace and harmony. BUT people think they are arrogant when they meet at one place. Don't think like that way. It is because they feel very shy to communicate with you guys. Only some of them know well to this quite person. You know what? This person actually has a strong hold in relationships and bonds between friend,family and the love ones :) Seriously it is the fact that I know :)
so we're going to the talkative character
The person who likes to talk too much..they easy to make friends with everyone doesn't count skin,religious and property.Usually they are hyperactive and cherish haha :) They also good in social skills. BUT they easy to lose their friends too. It is because they feel that they are very famous because they have a lot of friends. They forgot that we all are the same. Nahh~ don't care if we loss you because of your attitude :) But not all this people be like that. So make sure..control your attitude and don't sooooo arrogant with people surrounds you :)
Thats all.. bye ! :)


Petty-minded.. is that you? If YOU,please change :)
Nowadays,some of the people are petty-minded. Nahh,it's really shame and looks like stupido. You know what they think that they are always right,hell man~. They don't think about what's happen after you're doing something. When they make mistakes after that,they blamed who near to them. Come on pal, your action just make some excuses to pretend yourself. I hate when you say "be matured", you think you're more matured than me huh?! You're wrong pal~ Be MATURED is not the main attitude to become success. It's CREATIVITY that can rules the main attitude. Okay why am i saying that word? Because,being creativity can lead us on how to sketch the way or the road of life. It will also can make us think forward. So you can know what's good or bad that will happen to you or us. Okay I'm not the perfect person you think. No I'm not :) I'm just the normal person who was born in normal condition. Okay,as i said before creativity lead us to become success, I think you're better change your 'MATURITY' become creativity. It is not wrong if you wanna become matured,it okay but depend on the circumstances. Not every situation we must become matured,that will see you as DUMP or PETTY-MINDED. Okay,first of all I'm very sorry for those 2 words. Be creativity to create you own future by using your imagination first. After that, you sketch and plan what you're gonna doing after this. So that will lead you become successful person :) "Nothing is perfect" but i prefer "Perfect is nothing". Why? because imperfect person also can succeed. For example,people with disabilities in nowadays,can achieves excellent in any results. So bear in mind . That's all for today :) bye!

creativity can also use for building :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Latest..Just update only

Hye there ! I hope you guys are in the pink :)
okay I'm here fine..just having a flu.. gosh~ i hate this :S oh yeah I'm getting more EXCITED because this Friday i will come back home ! wow~ I miss my moments,friends,malls,foods,cinemas and the most... family in BP :O MOM and DAD ! I will come home... and having "buka puasa" and "sahur" together... and also my friends.. Where do we suppose to "buka puasa" together? isn't McDonalds or Domino's Pizza... gosh doesn't matter where it is..I can't wait...
Oh! bout ma latest life in KMM.. well, LIFE... it's normal being student doing our assignments and reports here and there,that and this... gosh~ stress here ! BUT it just for a while only after you finiSHIT the assignments and reports :P take it easy~ wanna catch own dream must take any risk and challenges in daily life.. stand by own feet yeah! ok enough.. it's not motivating time :P
well during weekends it's gonna be the most bored day..seriously bored day in KMM..nothing to do just sleep all day time and doing the same thing damn boring you know~~ ! nahh~ Friends here, I think I rarely meet them.. I just do ma own matter only because I feel and always said "Hey, why I'm here with them?" nahh i don't whatever they want.. well I don't like to nose other people.. it is shame so badly :S well me and pet just playing games and watching How I Met Your Mother.. seriously it's very funny and insane... that's the most funniest comedy drama series I ever watched.. it's spontaneous hahaha :D you must watch it !
Owh yeah~ long time I didn't spend my time in Korean's stuff hahaha.. here got nothing ! so wait till I come back home :)
okay that's enough for this time.. and thanks to whom comments and liked this blog.. I love you guys <3 :D sayonara ! ~

Monday, August 8, 2011

2 weeks only!

Yeah !

It's only 2 weeks to spend ma holidays for 2 weeks haha.. i'm so excited pal~ :) O.M.G okay Fauzi be patient just take an easy.. phewww*

I would like to share ma latest life in KMM.. gosh! I become more comfortable here with green nature and cherish atmosphere :).. here i got many friends boys and girls equally.. Last week having ma UPS.. guess what i'm very careless answering my PHYSICS paper ! ggrrrr i feels so regret and pffftt* my heart feels like to blow out ... :( nahhh~ it's okay just UPS only.. next time i will do my best and overcome my careless thats it ! :D

It's Ramadhan ! All Muslim in this universe having their fasting,teach us how to overcome the gusto and appetite. Besides, it can teach us on how to be more patient in daily life :) So here i would like to wish to all Muslim, Happy Fasting and Happy Iftar. :)

owh yeah~ in KMM I iftar with my friends,buying the same food everyday and everyday eat chick~~~eeeennnnnN~~~ boring~~ i wanna go home and to enjoy a meal cooked by my mother :( Gosh ! I can't wait to iftar with ma family and my 2nd familia... yeah Pet and I already planned in having "buka puasa" and "raya" together... :) guys we here already miss you damn so much.