Sunday, June 26, 2011

Test from HIM :)

hahaha dalam hidup ni kita kene tempuh semua dugaan yang ada kan? betul ak? so aku nak share lah pasal hari ini,Sabtu 25th JUNE 2011... yeah man ada perkara yang baik dan ada perkara yang buruk ada pada hari ini... hahaha not everything and every time always go with a good things... so today, i just celebrated his 18teen birthday... assist with deebanoh yeah the one of my family member.. oh my~ she's so smart about planning something to prank someone hahaha... yeah deeba you own that... :) hahaha thanks to you... and the others member,auni,anggun,vee,senior fatin,alia,hafiz, and amri.. haha thanks sebab memeriahkan lagi keadaan.. yeah birthday boy,petra... having and sharing all time together,enjoy and laugh at taman soga mount.. haha yeah although your birthday 30th june but we're celebrate it early cause on that date.. we all are not at Batu Pahat... going for study,then semua pong balik.. hahaha then pergi bpmall with deeba... buy baju kurung for my sister,Eka.. thanks dee because helping me in choosing the pattern and size of baju kurung hahaha...after that, yes akhirnya dapat juga tgk KL Gangster ngn pet,deeba and senior fatin hahaha wow best gile ... rugi tak tgk.. haha eh syial lah..pui* hahaha zizan's words :P yeah we do enjoy that movie :)


After that,we're going to the old bus stand and i hit the chinese's car when i want to send deeba back home,macam mane,time uh aku nakbelok..dah la kete mazda aku uh lebar,aku ngade g lalu jalan sempit last2 susah nak keluar,lepas uh aku tak amek side nak belok.. then xlepas,pastu aku masuk gear reverse,xjalan aku tkn ar minyak sikit..then baaammmm!!! langgar kete myvi kat belakang yeah!.. hahaha luckily mine are not terrible.. but the purple paint for my car aawww it is so expensive to repaint again... gosh but his car uuuhhh mak guard depan die kemik...myvi kereta malaysia besi mudah kemik.. bak kata senior fatin hahaha... pergh! gua rasa cuak gila... and call parents gua... then parents gua datang settlekan masalah ni.. dah dapat satu nasihat daripada parents aku.. " kereta ni kalau tekan minyak sikit melambung lah..pastu ngade g lalu jalan sempit kenape,cari pasal... " yeah after this, i will bare in my mind and i don't want to do that again..never ever... :( please reminds me okay!... and with a sad feelings.. i asked for apologize from my dad... and luckily, he's not mad at me... he just give some advise about the car.. and i will bare in mind... hahaha thanks mom and dad... inilah pengalaman kali pertama aku accident kete... yeah esok da balik KMM bosan syial hahaha... k la nak tido bye2 :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

OMG ! Fariz Petra ~

Hello~ Pet

OMG ! hahaha he got his blogspot.. wah! since when he's interesting with blog..? dunno.. maybe it's the new trend nowadays so come on ! do follow him ... and me too !
owh ya ! thanks to the new-comers in my blog.. thanks for following my blog.. peace yo! :)
p/s: no idea to update about my daily life.. today totally boring.. ooh yeah :I

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hancur Dunia Kpop ku

OMG ! siot ar memory card phone aku rosak cis! ni disebabkan bluetooth byk sangat kat phone sampai hang hahaha... cis! taubat ar xnak bluetooth file byk2... ish! nyesal~~grrr aku rasa macam nak nangis je.. come on lah... lagu kpop aku yg sedap2 ilg begitu je pergh! gamba ngn bebudak pong da musnah...terpaksalah beli memory card baru..hish
oh no no no no no.. all my favorite song especially Kpop ggrrr is gone~~ i feel very very so down like a g6... haaaaaa~~ the most important is my picture with my friends.. and me hahaa damn so stress ... even my J Bieber songs too.. oh my~~ this is so sad... nahhh kene belilah nmpknye ish! hope the price is cheap for 2GB.. i don't think so but i can get it by tomorrow InshaAllah... from Fiqri.. i hope he will find it.. i need it now.. terdesak sudah hahaha... ok2 (T.T) owh my IU-someday... ggrrr its remind me.. and i need that song to release my bored and tension...nahh the past is past... :( okay sedih and bengang sebab sunyi je phone aku... kbye!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

As the leader.. :)

hahaha why must i become a leader.. maybe Puan Safiah,my dynamics lecturer, saw that in my class I'm the one who make noise.. i mean in cherish situation... hahaha yeah today, i feel very shy because i had to introduce myself at her.. My name is blalalalalala and bblah... eeeyuccksss I feel so shy like a g6 hahaha... maybe she do this to me because i got penalty for my hair hahahaha okay I'm the craziest leader you will know hahaha

okay so korang berlakon lah ae.. because I'm very lazy to write.. you guys need not to present using 'mahjong' paper..nahh hahaha... okay muktamad okay.. da da da da...owh the most important is to make them proud of us hee... hahaha we must own that class... hahaha...

Nowadays :)

yeah man~ sudah lama aku dah tak update blog ni... i can't believe that i will open up my blog in this time.. oh its 2.00a.m already! esok ada kuliah pergh! mata sepet lah nampaknya.. but i will cover up with teasing the person who sit next to me... huahahha very naughty teasing someone huh? i think it is not because that's the way can make them stay awake even for me too.. hahaha yeah that's the good idea.. so try lah.. i think better you avoid that haha... or else they will knock your head back.. hahaha... nahh nonsense.. it's 2.00a.m i can't sleep yet.. wow my hyper still have on this time ~~ nahh i want to sleep please~ :P owh my ! macam budak kecik hahhaa.. owh sekarang hidup aku dah macam budak nerd..hello its NERD hahaha ulat buku babe.. everyday date with book... not a facebook okay.. no time with that..but a little time maybe hahaha :P ... yeah i think in here i doesn't feel comfortable with the new-comers people in life here.. because i don't know them very much.. maybe it takes a long time to know them.. hahaha doesn't care what are they say about me.. that i'm very arrogant and unfriendly hahaha man~ thats not true pal.. you're wrong... I'm still very shy with you guys.. but to the girls I feel superb very shy with all of you... because I don't you much yet or maybe because i rarely talk to you.. okay i admit that i can't communicate with someone who's in categories new-comers in my life.. yeah you saw me laugh sometimes.. i'm not share my laugh to you instead I laugh at myself hahaha... pelik kan? hahaha that's who I am :) ... okay I'll try to repair myself here and make comfortable to you guys.. but please accept me that I am Shy Boy eeerrghh... ==' once you know me well enough about me.. you will find that i'm very superb extremely danger,hyper and cherish :)

okay enough.. time to sleep.. bye2 hee :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello :)

Dah lame sehh tak update blog ni..rindu pulak.. susah ar nak update sebab aku dok matriks un xde masa nak update..tunggu jelah ae.. tunggu balik cuti.. maybe 24th June ni balik hee :)

So, how are you guys there? I'm here feels great and ggrrrr OMG! boring.. without Internet and social network.. ngeehee :P Studylah babe! adoii satu tahun je..buat relaks jelah... lepas tu baru free hahaha... rindu pulak ngn bestfriend aku tehee :) xsabar pulak nak jumpa diorang.. tapi bila? Maybe, Hari Raya Puasa.. i can meet and spend time with them haha raya babe... enough! study.. amek kesempatan sehh time belajar science computer.. sempat blogging hahaha... bye2 :)