Friday, May 7, 2010

dance choreography

lolz...after a week practice..just done with nobody-wondergirl and shock-beast...but ade ag satu utk opening grrr...hurm i need some seminggu na practice..t na perform di hari guru..aduh...all the dancer girl have ready to show..but for a dancer boys..grrr i hate that ikot ske aty jep..practice r..ingt pndai sgt..stakat tgk bek xpe ar..aku biakn jep la...diri kau an aku xley na wat brgantung pada kau na join kew x..this is our last year..we must enjoy our last moment...maybe next year kite xdpt jumpe least wat la bende yg boleh mengingatkan kite ok...i dunt mean to make any burden at we must enjoy this performence..budak len sume da hafal step..we only have one week to practise..dunt make any excuses..others might feel hate you once you hurt them..i dunt mind..but they all practise i dunt know wat to say..just come...practise together..ok..only 3boys and 3 girls..make our best performence among the at our teachers that we cn do it without them..