Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanks for everything ma bestie

Saturday it was an awesome day you know... okay it was begin at 2 p.m where Emy picked me up and then send Liya to Pizza Hut.. I don't know what she do.. and then Emy and I straight away quickly fetch Syak... Gosh it was so messy... feeling sorry to Yanna cuz waiting for us at bpmall alone... hahaha

and then they accompanied me to buy goods for my daily uses in KMM :/ we're spending with joy and fun.. and then we meet Fatin and her gang.. guess what.. one of her gang is my cousin.. OMG ! I didn't noticed her until today.. oh forgot ! her name is Saadah... hye nice to know ya my cousin :)

after that, we went back home at 6.30 p.m and eat Otak-otak at Tasik Y before that time... I miss that place :)

p/s: I'm forgot to take some picture with you guys nehhh

at 8.00 p.m I havin' some dinner with my family.. dinner at Peserai.. then at 9.30p.m waiting niena to fetch me... and go for the movie .. it's Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2 haha it was so awesome and uber coolio.. you guys must watch it,Fatin I'm so angry with you cuz you're not joined us... but it's okay, you've the reason :)

Oh my~~ I feels so tired,dizzy and sleepy on that time.. :/

after finished with that movie.. we were going to Fatin's house in the middle of night... wow! it was my first time go to the girl's house at midnight.. Gosh we have conversation..and gossiping..not me but they :P hahaha joined them cuz dont know what to do :)

Lastly we went back home.. everyone feels so tired and happy hearts...
Gosh I will be missing you guys :) saranghae <3