Sunday, September 4, 2011

I hate this part of my life :(

To syak,niena,yanna,fatin,emy,noni,bob and doesn't need cuz he come with me hahaha :P goodbye and sorry for everything about my management and my mistakes.. sorry for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING okay... urm I hate this part of my life to say goodbye to you guys.. Thanks cuz having raya and Iftar together.. even it has some bad and messy circumstance but we have enjoy with a lots of fun.. Damn I miss you guys.. I hate you guys cuz make me feel like this.. :') Hope that you feel the same.. nahh~~ owh ya Niena mana gamba kami :D

Goodluck for ya exam and others... omg! assignment tak sentuh pun.. Home is the place where i have to enjoy :) seriously I don't have mood for doing that thing =='.. Tak Nak Balik~!!!! Rindu segalanya di BP :( okaylah enough for this night..gonna sleep and then packing ma bag :( I don't wanna go home!