Thursday, June 16, 2011

As the leader.. :)

hahaha why must i become a leader.. maybe Puan Safiah,my dynamics lecturer, saw that in my class I'm the one who make noise.. i mean in cherish situation... hahaha yeah today, i feel very shy because i had to introduce myself at her.. My name is blalalalalala and bblah... eeeyuccksss I feel so shy like a g6 hahaha... maybe she do this to me because i got penalty for my hair hahahaha okay I'm the craziest leader you will know hahaha

okay so korang berlakon lah ae.. because I'm very lazy to write.. you guys need not to present using 'mahjong' paper..nahh hahaha... okay muktamad okay.. da da da da...owh the most important is to make them proud of us hee... hahaha we must own that class... hahaha...