Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hancur Dunia Kpop ku

OMG ! siot ar memory card phone aku rosak cis! ni disebabkan bluetooth byk sangat kat phone sampai hang hahaha... cis! taubat ar xnak bluetooth file byk2... ish! nyesal~~grrr aku rasa macam nak nangis je.. come on lah... lagu kpop aku yg sedap2 ilg begitu je pergh! gamba ngn bebudak pong da musnah...terpaksalah beli memory card baru..hish
oh no no no no no.. all my favorite song especially Kpop ggrrr is gone~~ i feel very very so down like a g6... haaaaaa~~ the most important is my picture with my friends.. and me hahaa damn so stress ... even my J Bieber songs too.. oh my~~ this is so sad... nahhh kene belilah nmpknye ish! hope the price is cheap for 2GB.. i don't think so but i can get it by tomorrow InshaAllah... from Fiqri.. i hope he will find it.. i need it now.. terdesak sudah hahaha... ok2 (T.T) owh my IU-someday... ggrrr its remind me.. and i need that song to release my bored and tension...nahh the past is past... :( okay sedih and bengang sebab sunyi je phone aku... kbye!