Saturday, August 13, 2011

Latest..Just update only

Hye there ! I hope you guys are in the pink :)
okay I'm here fine..just having a flu.. gosh~ i hate this :S oh yeah I'm getting more EXCITED because this Friday i will come back home ! wow~ I miss my moments,friends,malls,foods,cinemas and the most... family in BP :O MOM and DAD ! I will come home... and having "buka puasa" and "sahur" together... and also my friends.. Where do we suppose to "buka puasa" together? isn't McDonalds or Domino's Pizza... gosh doesn't matter where it is..I can't wait...
Oh! bout ma latest life in KMM.. well, LIFE... it's normal being student doing our assignments and reports here and there,that and this... gosh~ stress here ! BUT it just for a while only after you finiSHIT the assignments and reports :P take it easy~ wanna catch own dream must take any risk and challenges in daily life.. stand by own feet yeah! ok enough.. it's not motivating time :P
well during weekends it's gonna be the most bored day..seriously bored day in KMM..nothing to do just sleep all day time and doing the same thing damn boring you know~~ ! nahh~ Friends here, I think I rarely meet them.. I just do ma own matter only because I feel and always said "Hey, why I'm here with them?" nahh i don't whatever they want.. well I don't like to nose other people.. it is shame so badly :S well me and pet just playing games and watching How I Met Your Mother.. seriously it's very funny and insane... that's the most funniest comedy drama series I ever watched.. it's spontaneous hahaha :D you must watch it !
Owh yeah~ long time I didn't spend my time in Korean's stuff hahaha.. here got nothing ! so wait till I come back home :)
okay that's enough for this time.. and thanks to whom comments and liked this blog.. I love you guys <3 :D sayonara ! ~


Alia Sa'ad said...

untung ahh balik cepat ... untung ahh untung ahh ~