Sunday, August 14, 2011


Petty-minded.. is that you? If YOU,please change :)
Nowadays,some of the people are petty-minded. Nahh,it's really shame and looks like stupido. You know what they think that they are always right,hell man~. They don't think about what's happen after you're doing something. When they make mistakes after that,they blamed who near to them. Come on pal, your action just make some excuses to pretend yourself. I hate when you say "be matured", you think you're more matured than me huh?! You're wrong pal~ Be MATURED is not the main attitude to become success. It's CREATIVITY that can rules the main attitude. Okay why am i saying that word? Because,being creativity can lead us on how to sketch the way or the road of life. It will also can make us think forward. So you can know what's good or bad that will happen to you or us. Okay I'm not the perfect person you think. No I'm not :) I'm just the normal person who was born in normal condition. Okay,as i said before creativity lead us to become success, I think you're better change your 'MATURITY' become creativity. It is not wrong if you wanna become matured,it okay but depend on the circumstances. Not every situation we must become matured,that will see you as DUMP or PETTY-MINDED. Okay,first of all I'm very sorry for those 2 words. Be creativity to create you own future by using your imagination first. After that, you sketch and plan what you're gonna doing after this. So that will lead you become successful person :) "Nothing is perfect" but i prefer "Perfect is nothing". Why? because imperfect person also can succeed. For example,people with disabilities in nowadays,can achieves excellent in any results. So bear in mind . That's all for today :) bye!

creativity can also use for building :)


Syuqry said...

screw those peeps asking you to grow up and be matured. and yes creativity does play an important role in life, it adds colours =)

poji said...

hahaha thanks yeobo cuz support my opinion :)