Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quite and Talkative

You campus life is the place where we have to find friends in all over the world. It can improve our social skills for example sharing, cooperating and else. Quite and talkative. 2 characters I had choose. Okay first we start to the quite person.
The person who didn't much talk and you think,how they can make friend?
This person has no problem because quite is a good attitude. They always like peace and harmony. BUT people think they are arrogant when they meet at one place. Don't think like that way. It is because they feel very shy to communicate with you guys. Only some of them know well to this quite person. You know what? This person actually has a strong hold in relationships and bonds between friend,family and the love ones :) Seriously it is the fact that I know :)
so we're going to the talkative character
The person who likes to talk too much..they easy to make friends with everyone doesn't count skin,religious and property.Usually they are hyperactive and cherish haha :) They also good in social skills. BUT they easy to lose their friends too. It is because they feel that they are very famous because they have a lot of friends. They forgot that we all are the same. Nahh~ don't care if we loss you because of your attitude :) But not all this people be like that. So make sure..control your attitude and don't sooooo arrogant with people surrounds you :)
Thats all.. bye ! :)


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