Monday, August 8, 2011

2 weeks only!

Yeah !

It's only 2 weeks to spend ma holidays for 2 weeks haha.. i'm so excited pal~ :) O.M.G okay Fauzi be patient just take an easy.. phewww*

I would like to share ma latest life in KMM.. gosh! I become more comfortable here with green nature and cherish atmosphere :).. here i got many friends boys and girls equally.. Last week having ma UPS.. guess what i'm very careless answering my PHYSICS paper ! ggrrrr i feels so regret and pffftt* my heart feels like to blow out ... :( nahhh~ it's okay just UPS only.. next time i will do my best and overcome my careless thats it ! :D

It's Ramadhan ! All Muslim in this universe having their fasting,teach us how to overcome the gusto and appetite. Besides, it can teach us on how to be more patient in daily life :) So here i would like to wish to all Muslim, Happy Fasting and Happy Iftar. :)

owh yeah~ in KMM I iftar with my friends,buying the same food everyday and everyday eat chick~~~eeeennnnnN~~~ boring~~ i wanna go home and to enjoy a meal cooked by my mother :( Gosh ! I can't wait to iftar with ma family and my 2nd familia... yeah Pet and I already planned in having "buka puasa" and "raya" together... :) guys we here already miss you damn so much.