Friday, April 22, 2011

Hey im jealous!

yay! i'm jealous with Niena Ismail and Fariz Petra hahaha... they watch the Justin Bieber concert at Stadium Bukit Jalil..nehh yeah i do regret because i didn't buy the ticket.. nehh yeah J Bieber you make the girls scream out loud..hahahaha :D I bet that Niena scream like a crazy woman.. yeah man~ eee im very very very jealous! hahahahaha J Bieber you are awesome man.. <3 next time when you come to Malaysia, i will buy the ticket to watch ya concert okay... eerrghhh nampak mcm gay tapi apa salahnye da minat kat J Bieber... owh yeah i got new words GAY G=great A=awesome Y=yummy... hahaha no wonder lah if J Bieber haters say him is a GAY hahahhaa... they are wrong tettt... owh DVD Never Say Never da nak keluar yay! im gonna be the first owh pape lah janji dapat beli DVD uh hahahaha :)