Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peace :)

yeah i do love peace... hee :) guess what?! Syuq and Pet already become friend again...thank God.. Deeba you are awesome man~ ... your wish already came true... yeah man~ okay setelah aku penat nasihat to both sides... so i guess my job already done with forgiving each other..yeah i do love that person hee... awww comelnye bila Pet minta maap kat Niena...euuwww... rasa macam nak rakam je haha... yeah Niena aku da sound die k.. sape cakap aku xboleh... nasihat je..settle cara baik... yeah i learned about forgiving and about friendship...friend is hard to find and enemy is easy to find ... so I... I don't want any of my friend fight again.. i do love peace..yeah Niena's quote... PEACE~~ hahaha :)

so after this we gonna have some vacation together..but dunno where to go... i hope before we go to further our studies..we gonna enjoy and have fun together okay... maybe in the future i will miss you guys.. :)